Thursday, August 9, 2018

Full Length Review: FUTURE USSES The Existential Haunting (Pelagic Records) by Dave Wolff

The Existential Haunting
Pelagic Records
Place of origin: Los Angeles, California, USA
Genre: Psychedelic sludge/doom rock
Release date: September 14, 2018 (LP, CD, digital format)
Preorders available at:
Pelagic Records (North America)
Pelagic Records (Europe)
Nerve Gas (Australia)
Yet another new band emerges to take chances and make a statement few others thought of. Not your typical L.A. band, Future Usses have been active for five years and have taken a considerable amount of time channeling thought into their work. Their efforts are just beginning to pay off, as independent zines such as Metal Sucks are favorably responding to them. Founder/songwriter Sacha Dunable is an experienced musician, having worked in progressive/post-metal/doom metal bands like Intronaut and Bereft (also the ambient-electronic metal band Graviton) for fifteen years. His experience is put to good use, as he takes what he contributed to those bands, reimagines it and redirects it. As a title, The Existential Haunting encompasses many ideas, giving you an inkling of the bold innovation and ingenuity to expect from this album when it’s out in September. But to be completely conscious of the monumental consequence of Dunable’s painstaking work with Dan Wilburn (ex-Mouth Of The Architect) and Derek Donley (ex-Bereft) you should cast expectation aside and be receptive to the ideas they present. There is a wealth of original music from Dunable’s older bands to this one, and each instrumental appearing on The Existential Haunting unlocks another part of your brain, without a need for lyrical content written to tell you where the band is going. Taking you across the vast distances they explored composing and re-envisioning them, the tracks come closer to art than even they may have expected. From the eleven-minute opus What Is Anything to the haunting Make Flowers to the cold, bleak, dissonant, atmospheric title track, The Existential Haunting invites you to share your imagination with the band, building on repetitive guitar progressions, furnishing supposed limitations with many opportunities for growth. To quote Dunable, “The beautiful thing about making an instrumental record is that you’re not obligated to impose any specific literal message onto the listener, but rather to concentrate on setting a vibe that can be interpreted or personified naturally through the power of their own imagination… we made something truly unique and special.” I strongly recommend you check out this band as well as the others mentioned in this review. You’ll get massive returns for the time invested. -Dave Wolff

Sacha Dunable: guitar
Dan Wilburn: bass
Derek Donley: drums

Track list:
1. What Is Anything
2. Absolute Zero
3. Make Flowers
4. Heavenly Superperson
5. Apocalypse When Convenient
6. The Existential Haunting

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