Friday, August 3, 2018

Poem: 'The Creation Palace' by M Teresa Clayton

The Creation Palace
by M Teresa Clayton

While I stood watching from the vast expanse,
I felt the pull of something beyond my view.
Blinded by more than the eye’s peek-through glance,
Rays of light, like flaming arrows, piercing through.

In darkness, black mass, I sense a changing;
A spinning into place where the flame remains.
The fire burning, now rearranging –
Growing without limitations, no refrains.

Above my universal being –
Sits now at the head of my heavenly form.
This Celestial disbelieving –
Caught within the pull of this magnetic storm.

Yet, below the head of this monstrous face,
Something hums a soft and calming lullaby.
The sparkling dances in the dark with grace,
Circling, twinkling with an innocent sigh,

Within my soul, a sense of fleeting,
Awareness of becoming, born too soon;
Gentle cadence of a heart beating,
Reacting to the orb, my mother moon.

She reassures me, you are what you are,
No comprehending this destined birth.
Fear not, at your head burns a mighty star,
Your breath creates the miracle of Earth.

Your soul cools the orbit, setting the course,
Your whisper sets its gyroscope turning.
The master has mounted his mighty horse,
Sword risen to subdue fires burning.

Here we shall reside among the hues,
Witness the beauty your birth has brought.
Emeralds dipped in all the azure blues,
This is what your sacrifice has wrought.

A corona, my child, your glorious crown,
Encircles your head and shall rule the day.
The night you shall wear as your most honorous gown,
I shall go before you to light your way.

You are the Universe and you shall have no end.
A duality of both the darkness and of the light.
Your existence shall always confound and transcend.
The Earth is yours now, offer it both a day and a night.

Wrap yourself around her and keep her safe from harm.
Allow her to evolve in her own time, the cycle of living.
Cool her so she does not blister yet, keep her warm.
This is the beauty, the blessing, the glory of your giving.

Inspired by The Creation Palace ~ Digital painting by MarianaPalova

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