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Interview with Brett Eubanks of CHRONIC INSANITY RECORDS by Dave Wolff

Interview with Brett Eubanks of CHRONIC INSANITY RECORDS

Describe the origins of Chronic Insanity Records and ewhat you intend to achieve with it.
The original idea for the name came during a brainstorm as I was smoking on the trail with my friend Otis. Our interests were inspired primarily by our favorite musicians, most of whom have their own record labels. Over time the passion for those interests grew into the pursuit of success with Chronic Insanity Records. The goals we aim to achieve are to reach the maximum capacity of our potential, without limitation. The focus of our productivity is creating music and artistic media of a quality worthy of sharing and recognition.

Where is Chronic Insanity based?
The headquarters of Chronic Insanity Records centered in my mind’s eye. There is no finite location for the vastness of the universal flow. Of all things to be considered as needed in the area I do not think a record label can offer too much relief in regards to resolution within the bigger picture. Provided independent operations had the right intentions I can see it as plausible to contribute in a beneficent manner with a studio outlet and the profit. A local man told me few are trying to do what Kush Nasty does in the area, and there is potential for growth. Chronic Insanity Records intends on being inclusive and generous with all we accomplish.

Is Chronic Insanity the first label started? Were you were involved in any bands before it began?
First starting Chronic Insanity Records was an original idea. When I was young I played alto saxophone in the school band. That was the only band I consider having been a member of apart from Kush Nasty. I’m an extension of all my influences. In that sense I’m involved in many bands.

Do you feel there is a need for more independent labels in your home state?
In this state and across the rest everything is all about Kush Nasty at Chronic Insanity Records. I feel more independent labels should surrender and allow my influence to rule the predominant persuasions throughout.

Do you manage Chronic Insanity on your own or do people work with you? What were the resources you have had to promote it until now?
To manage Chronic Insanity Records, I operate it on my own founding. I am not the sole person generating funding or creative ideas. Many people helped me accomplish this including family, friends, and teachers; Chronic Insanity Records reflects the world’s influence. Resources require resourcefulness and almost anything can be transmuted into leverage. Soundcloud was the first outlet I used to broadcast audio. Facebook has been the most efficient reach. YouTube also has a lot to offer those working with media arts. Word of mouth, posters and hand out cards are all viable ways to promote.

Who most helped you promote Chronic Insanity? How have their efforts paid off for the label?
All promotional efforts were organized, operated and managed by Kush Nasty. My close friend Skipp cooperates by doing everything he can to be of assistance. People listening and following may share material and that helps promote too. These efforts have reached a large audience and continue to attract a greater following. 

How many releases do you have streaming on Soundcloud? Between Soundcloud, Youtube and other sites you stream on, how quickly do you reach new listeners?
Kush Nasty chooses to limit what is available on Soundcloud, to encourage listening on YouTube and Spotify. My preferred streaming outlets are Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify to distribute the majority of our work. This attracts instantaneous results. Chronic Insanity Records and Kush Nasty can easily be found through Facebook and YouTube, if you would subscribe.

How many bands contact you through Facebook? Do you have prerequisites for signing bands?
Many serious prospective clients or associates have not contacted me. The label would be open to this in the future. Often, when I’m contacted it’s by students who have questions or people curious about production. What the label offers musicians is professional audio engineering though our industry standard quality ProTools studio. Musicians interested in having their work recorded, mixed, and mastered can contact Kush Nasty at Chronic Insanity Records. The prerequisite to working with Chronic Insanity Records is being sincere and serious about their goals, and being as prepared as they are capable of being.

Discuss the bands that recently contacted you, and how you have been helping them.
A lot of people do not have the willingness to help themselves by taking more initiative. The same people more often than not don’t have adequate funding to encourage me to take that type of initiative for them. That being the case I receive all inquiries with understanding and kindness. There are times when telling the truth about insights may be helpful. Answering any questions in a fulfilling and satisfactory manner may be all that is sought. If a musician/band looking for help Chronic Insanity Records has the ability to bring mixes up to professional quality, I am prepared for publish to assist their advancement.

Do you expect to eventually find bands that meet your criteria for the label?
I try not to have too many expectations having learned it may lead to disappointment or resentment. There are so many musicians out there, I know more than a few would qualify if the time and chance were to pass. Anyone interested is free to communicate with Kush Nasty. It is helpful also if aspirants have common interests and style taste. 
There are several videos posted at Kush Nasty’s Facebook page. Describe Kush Nasty’s music and influences.
The songs shared on the page are produced from silence through mastering entirely by Kush Nasty. The instruments and themes were created in the image of Industrial, Metal, and Horrorcore genres. All of the songs are written in the same key signature and that is what gives them continuity through the track changes. They are of a peculiar variety with a range of dynamic sounds. It is by the practice of divination that the ideas manifest. Song titles chosen usually have a reference to Occult Sciences for Kush Nasty projects.

How long has Kush Nasty been active? What inspired you to start writing, composing and recording?
Kush Nasty has been active as a solo project since the idea formed. It has been several years. Before I was able to present the idea I had to go through college courses and a studio internship. It took a lot of time and effort to get to the point I could manage and produce all of the aspects on my own. I was inspired by the gothic culture. The gothic aesthetic and sound drew me in like a magnet. People I noticed with the look typically were associated with music and those would be the only acts I took interest in. It appeared to me as though music had power and influence, that is what inspired me.

What gave you the idea to incorporate industrial, metal and horrorcore into Kush Nasty’s sound? Where do occult sciences come into it?
The idea to incorporate those genres comes directly from my love for them. I gave so much of my life dedicated to my favorite music and it gave me strength and knowledge in return. While listening to my favorite artists I noticed a familiar pattern of thought. The realization came to me as if connecting the dots filling in the last link of an enigma. The occult was all around and through my existence at all times. With this information I was able to learn the practical application of divination and communicate with angels. My communications answered for me all of the question the living have and the dead know the answers to. A clairvoyant clarity of the whole was given to me.

Which of the videos by Kush Nasty would you recommend to the readers and why?
I most recommend to the readers Kush Nasty’s The Devil’s False Light. This video incorporates to fullest spectrum of emotional energy. Reality’s that are uncomfortable to be confronted with are included in the script. Topics such as assault, mental illness, addiction, and suicide are all woven into a binding torment that is exemplified in this film. Readers may find it intriguing that the video was filmed at the Evan’s City Cemetery in Pennsylvania where Night of the Living Dead was recorded.
I also recommend listening to Saturn Eatz Hiz Boyz, Force Major, and Predestined Outcome by Kush Nasty. These are the best representations of where Kush Nasty artistically is today and the foundation for the future.

What was it about Goth culture that attracted you? In what ways is Kush Nasty similar?
Gothic aesthetic in particular was the main attraction to first grab my attention. It was something that flattered the concept of uncommon and exclusive. Visually the Goth aesthetic rebels against normalcy and that feels exciting. Next, the most notable draw of the gothic culture was the heaviness resonating in the art. Everything about it stood out as incredibly brooding. Kush Nasty imitates these inspirations via a symmetrically beautiful reflection of them.

How much research have you done into Goth culture?
The best research I have found about Goth culture was through life experience. Reading materials of definite factual value are scarce. The subject is open to opinion and lacks objectiveness. It is easy to find the music and trace the origins, but not the culture itself. A lot of he said she said distorts the definition pending primarily on the factor of age group. To the best of my knowledge gained by observation the overall scene remains relatively consistent throughout geographic locations.

What aspects of the occult did you study while writing material for Kush Nasty?
I studied many books about philosophy and science in order to be enlightened by illumination of absolute truth pertinent to God’s will for creation. Knowledge of this truth may be obtained by the combination of spiritual and physical effort. Necessarily, this must be motivated by sincere desire to understand the science of good and evil manifest in the world. These studies were accompanied by reference to historical origins. Concentration was focused on many books written on the topics of Alchemy, Astrology, Qabalah, and Transcendental Magic. After obtaining knowledge and understanding of all of these subjects they became of practical use.

What books on Alchemy, Astrology, Qabalah, and Transcendental Magic have been most enlightening to you?
Specifically, the unwritten portion of study only communicated by practice has been the most enlightening. The Universal Medicine can only heal if taken by the initiative of the individual seeker. For me to list instructions would not only devalue the pursuit, the act would also be futile. It would be like me drinking your coffee for you expecting you to gain alertness if I were to unveil my steps. Enough has been said that the intelligent and sufficiently diligent reader may pick up his or her own researches.

How did you manage to film the video for The Devil’s False Light at Evan’s City Cemetery? Do you independently produce your videos or do people work with you?
I independently produced all of the audio and video. Two close friends, Jeff and Kristy, were cast to act in The Devil’s False Light. The filming was done by an exchange of hands between the three of us using a single smart phone camera. The availability of a budget for production was zero dollars. Nearly improvised, all of the scenes were arranged using the impulse of imagination and whatever physical materials were readily available.

Were Jeff and Kristy easy to work with while you made the video?
Jeff was the first to be engaged in the process. He and I were smoking and I made the suggestion we get started. Jeff did the acting role of the hanged man while I directed and filmed to begin. After that we invited Kristy to participate. She does the acting in the opening sequence alongside of myself. In the median, Kristy at the cemetery filmed Jeff and I. Kristy also filmed the scenes featuring me portrayed as The Devil. Overall working together came with ease because we have known each other long before this time. It was challenging to reassure them I had a full vision and each component would add to completion. Sometimes the directions I’d request didn’t register with my coworkers as sensible at face value.

The Devil’s False Light sounds inspired by Tarot mysticism. What study did you undertake on the Tarot, and how do your performances with Jeff and Kristy represent it?
The appropriate terminology for the science that inspired the symbolism represented in the video is Universal Dogma. Tarot is used practically for cartomancy divination. As much as I am willing to share in regards to the study has already been clarified. An alternative is to consider it is Tarot that represents our performance. The idea of what we are becoming, became, and will become is hidden behind the illusory veil of mysticism. Denial of any separate existences is the primary principal. With gnashing teeth the serpent devours its own tail.

Are there any special methods you use when filming and producing videos ? Do these methods usually result in the effect you’re looking for?
There is no special method used in the production. Everything about it was made up on the spot. The weird piece is Fire And Light the song fit so perfectly in the timing of video edits without effort. The music just fit as it was. It all came together as if it were already in existence prior to its physical formation. Effectively, the methods we operated did have a successful result.

How much creative freedom does independently producing your videos give you? Do you intend to continue in this way instead of working with producers?
Independently producing the video gave me ultimate liberty to create with unrestricted freedom. It was awesome to produce using my own discretion. Right now I do intend to continue working independently as a producer, yes. Having the alliance of other producers is not something I am opposed to. My skills are savvier in audio production more so than film. There is no denying that film has a more gratifying potential with the inclusion of film production technology that I lack. It would truly be nice to achieve a video quality that rivals more of my favorite horrors. 

Do you plan to continue with Kush Nasty as a solo project? Did you ever consider working with additional members or did you always want to go solo?
Initially, I did not intend to be a solo artist and aimed to have a group of two or more. As time went on I was the only person I knew with enough ambition to seriously pursue the endeavor full time. For a while that was a huge drag on my confidence and was something I had to make a choice to get over. A lot of the people I wanted to represent and impress turned jealous and spiteful. My experience was more people were willing to try and harm my esteem for the project than were willing to cooperate. Today, I am happier as a solo artist and will look to include others as features in Kush Nasty productions. 

If the opportunity arose, when Kush Nasty became well known, would you consider sound or video editing for other bands? How would your work be beneficial to them?
Absolutely, as a matter of fact the opportunity is available now. Anyone interested in sound or video editing is welcome to inquire. There are many ways Chronic Insanity Records can benefit others depending on their needs and budget. Bringing audio up in a mix to professional mastering is a sure way for clients to stand out with class against their competitors. Singers and songwriters desiring to have their vocals set to music can have Chronic Insanity Records write, record, mix, and, master their audio tracks. The audio can be produced with video to give clients a head start distributing their art and music.

What sort of an impact do you hope to make with Kush Nasty and Chronic Insanity Records?
That is a very tough question to offer a concrete answer to. Chronic Insanity Records and Kush Nasty hope to make an impact simply as being known for creating outstanding art and music. I don’t believe I have control over how an audience may react emotionally or choose to interpret any of our presentations. The best possible outcome is to set an example to anyone hoping to achieve extraordinary accomplishment that it can be done in this life. Beyond that, I am convinced nothing will change the world and the impact has already been determined in all circumstances.

-Dave Wolff

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