Monday, October 23, 2017

Convention Review: San Antonio Horrific Film Festival 2017 by Gene Olivarri

Holiday Inn Ballroom, Hwy 151, San Antonio, Texas, USA
October 20-22, 2017
Okay folks let's talk about an always great, must go see event the HORRIFIC FILM FEST for the last ten years standing strong has taken place in the beautiful city of San Antonio, Texas this past weekend. This film fest was brilliant and, such a great fun atmosphere of people, celebs and, the most talented indie filmmakers from all over the nation showing their wonderful works of art of horror films created by their awesome minds. The event was at the Holiday Inn Ballroom on Hwy 151 in San Antonio, the admission is worth every dollar very reasonable prices for everything the HORRIFIC FILM FEST only charges 1 price the entrance fee to see all these great indie horror film everyday plus you get to meet celebs as well. When I got to the door I was greeted by HORRIFIC FILM FEST owner George Ortiz, John Macias and marketing genius Dave Gore. These three men play large roles in the film fest market in making this event all about the indie filmmaker their blood, sweat, thoughts, and tears of these fantastic talents of our nation.
On Friday I watched so many great indie films and talks of different cutting edge ideas by everyone there I was pleased to see how all these indie filmmakers help one another as it should be in helping to reach a dream all the filmmakers in attendance were all winners in my book each film was incredible but one film stuck out the most this year which is VAMP BIKERS directed by the winner of the award of best director at the HORRIFIC FILM FEST ERIC RIVAS from New York city. Vamp Bikers is a biker vs vampires movie about a town infested with vampires and bikers come to kick out these blood sucking vampires in an all-out battle in this insanely great trilogy of films with an amazing cast of actors of the cult favorite The Warriors who's acting abilities shine all through out these movies of VAMP BIKERS the cast is Angel Salazar of Scarface, Dorsey Wright of The Warriors and the man of no need of introduction Ron Jeremy also Lillo Brancato and film critic great Michael Musto play such great roles in VAMP BIKERS.
I got the chance to sit with writer/director at DIMOND MINDS FILMS ERIC RIVAS and, marketing genius Dave Gore to talk about VAMP BIKERS the vision of this film and where it is going ERIC RIVAS is a man very full of positivity, energy and heart about how he does things in his creations and ideas he is a stick to your guns type of director also I will not leave out a very wonderful talented person. ERIC RIVAS talked to me about his new signing with SONY PICTURES for his film VAMP BIKERS TRES will be pick up to be distributed through ORCHARD, NETFLIX,AMAZON in 2018 everyone keep a close eye out for VAMP BIKERS these movies are purely genius and great ! With an amazing Director ERIC RIVAS and, cast you will not be disappointed I promise you.
This year at the HORRIFIC FILM FEST celebs were FELISSA ROSE of SLEEPAWAY CAMP, ANGEL SALAZAR of SCARFACE, KELLI MARONEY of NIGHT OF THE COMET and NICK KING of SINISTER plus JOHN ALTAMURA aka TOXIE of THE TOXIC AVENGER. I got the chance to meet all these wonderful actors of such awesome films we talked about all their projects and, new upcoming projects FELISSA ROSE was such an amazing soul I was very happy and grateful to meet her we talked about the last 3 SLAYER Video's she directed herself also about DEATHHOUSE This panel of celebs was just so great this year each celeb were very nice and wonderful people to meet all the fan's loved it at this year's HORRIFIC FILM FEST like I said before you come to this event everyone is a winner!. Each Q&A was full of such fun facts of every movie they have acted in just jammed packed with facts for fan's that have always wanted to ask.
Sunday was the end of this amazing jammed packed three days of fun at THE HORRIFIC FILM FEST in San Antonio with their annual awards ceremony where all the filmmakers were winners! the anticipation of waiting for the envelops to open was at an all-time high as the winners were selected for these great awards this film fest is truly all about the filmmakers everyone wins here from the fans filmmakers everyone also a MAJOR CONGRATULATIONS TO ERIC RIVAS for winning BEST DIRECTOR this year. SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR AT THE HORRIFIC FILM FEST. -Gene Olivarri

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