Monday, October 2, 2017

Video Review: INTERNAL NIGHTMARE The Great Manipulator by Jaime Regadas

The Great Manipulator
Promotional video made for the single
There are some instances regarding a group's name where one really doesn't see the connection between the name and the music. There are, of course, other instances where the music fits to the name perfectly. INTERNAL NIGHTMARE is one of those instances where the accompanying music is just wholly compatible. Their single 'The Great Manipulator' is a foreboding, tormenting, menacing slab of groove-based death-metal which features a lot of unorthodox rhythmic displays in its limited time-frame of two-minutes. Growling vocals, layered distorted guitars and interlocked drums are really the sole properties of their "death-metal" categorization. In actual fact the group showcase a lot of interesting patterns of diversion away from the trademark verse-chorus structure. The song is split into two halves by a breakdown-section that occurs somewhere in the middle in which the song is forced to build itself from the bottom-to-the-top again. Often the combination of death-metal with tempo-changes can be a little bit too messy but INTERNAL NIGHTMARE pull it off well. -Jaime Regadas

/The Great Manipulator was released December 2015. Internal Nightmare’s latest promotional video 993 is now uploaded to Youtube. -DW

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