Thursday, October 5, 2017

Full Length Review: TOMMY HUOVINEN Kostonjoen Avenue

Kostonjoen Avenue
Release Date: September 19, 2016
Well as an old follower of Tommy I must say I’m pleasantly surprised from his rock sound and constant evolution. In this particular album he plays with several music genres, like tango, pop, among rock and a few others. One of the most interesting facts is that any artist that can blend smoothly so many styles in a single album is certainly skillful. One of Tommy’s strong points is that he puts souls and it can be felt on all of his work. The band is solid, one can actually listen the precision on the drums, the right timing on the bass lines and gentleness on the piano. Of this album my favorite tracks is Kaikki ei oo kultaa for the enigmatic intro with the guitar, the relaxed smooth vocals with the soft bass with the sharp drumming. Rakastan sydämesi valoa is one of the tracks along Lajinsa viimeinen that remind me of tango, especially for the instrumentation and the flow. I’d say it’s a solid album and a soulful masterpiece. -Sophia Cynthia Cabral

Track List:
1. Kostonjoen Avenue
2. Ruma Rakkaus
3. Kosketuspintaa
4. Parasta ennen
5. Kaikki ei oo kultaa
6. Rakastan sydämesi valoa
7. Arvottomat
8. Lajinsa viimeinen
9. Mustajärven yöt
10. Työttömän laulu
11. Rakkauden anarkiaa
12. Pahan pojan pulverii
13. Syy vai seuraus?

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