Friday, October 13, 2017

Lyric Video Review: ASPHODELIA Welcome Apocalypse by Jaime Regadas

Welcome Apocalypse (official lyric video)
From their upcoming debut album "Welcome Apocalypse" (Metal Scrap Records)
Mixed and mastered at 16th Cellar Studio
Video and graphics by Dark Light Digital Arts
If 'cinematic metal' was an apt sub-genre then I really feel such a title rightly belongs to Italian group ASPHODELIA, whose distinctive brand of symphonic arrangements and stattaco-fueled guitar lines are becoming an essential factor to their blossoming sound. Their new video 'Welcome Apocalypse' is not far from extraordinary and the standards of artistic perfection. The song itself is good as it owes a lot to a catchy chorus, melodic verses and high displays of rhythmic intensity but the actual lyric video itself adds to the cerebral and emotional impact the track has to offer. With each accentuated snare / double bass hit the video begins to shake and quiver in unison, partially to add drama but also to demonstrate a point of just how epic the mood is supposed to be. The vocals are superb, the keys are always present yet not to the degree of ubiquity and the bass remains a consistent factor of continuity in itself. For fans of existing symphonic-inspired metal groups a la LACUNA COIL and EVANESCENCE this will definitely be of major interest. -Jaime Regadas

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