Sunday, October 8, 2017

Full Length Review: SUICIDAL CAUSTICITY The Human Touch

The Human Touch
Italy isn't exactly synonymous with death metal though SUICIDAL CAUSTICITY unleash their own brand in its most brutal and unyielding forms. The group was formed in 2007 under the name ORODRETH until it changed to SUICIDAL CAUSTICITY in 2012. Since then, they released two full-length studio albums; 2013's 'The Spiritual Decline' and their newest venture 'The Human Touch'. The group, Dario Lastrucci on bass, Thomas Passanisi on drums, Nikolas "Gorgo" Bruni on vocals and guitarists Elia Murgia and Edoardo Scali, is signed to Amputated Vein Records. Upon observing the nature of the record it becomes apparent it’s kind of a concept album. There's a running symbol of water throughout, expressed in the nature of songs like 'Estuary Abomination' which balances highly organic drum breaks and syncopated guitar riffs. 'The Choral Brooke' is perhaps one of the album's heaviest numbers due to the rapid phrasing of words that flow almost like a rivulet in itself. 'Cascade of Mutilations' and 'Chimaera Canal' adhere to the theme of water in their stripped-back titular context but there's a simultaneous representation of insanity to be found throughout. The opening track 'Diamond Grinder Spring' really sets the mood for the album and is kind of the root which the other tracks stem from. 'Affluent of Woe' is a storming track which features accomplished drumming techniques. There's a two-parter called 'The Rates' which continues the allegorical theme of water to express insanity 'The Rates - Full River Cry' the first part is one of the album's strongest tracks with its catchy rhythm. 'The Rates - Dead River Call' the second part is my favourite moment, with a 6/8 time signature flexible enough to carry the song to different places. The only song I felt was a little out-of-place was the closing number 'Lynn' which was perhaps a tad too long. Nonetheless it's definitely something for death metal fanatics to listen to. -Jaime Regadas

Track list:
1. Diamond Grinder Spring
2. Estuary Abomination
3. Affluent Of Woe
4. The Choral Brooke
5. The Rates - Full River Cry
6. The Rates - Dead River Call
7. Cascade Of Mutilations
8. Chimaera Canal
9. Lynn

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