Saturday, October 21, 2017

Video Review: CATTLE DECAPITATION 2017 European Tour Documentary by Dave Wolff

2017 European Tour Documentary
Directed by Paul McGuire and Obscenery Films
San Diego, California, USA’s Cattle Decapitation has been tirelessly touring to promote The Anthropocene Extinction their current full length released in 2015. Through the remainder of October and into November they’re traveling the U.S. and Canada with the support acts Revocation, Full Of Hell, and Artificial Brain. This leg of the tour is sponsored by Metalsucks and Exclaim! Aggressive Tendencies and again you can find information at Metal Blade’s official site. Last summer the death metal/grind band traveled through Europe and were accompanied by Obscenery Films’ PaulMcGuire, who chronicled daily rides between shows, backstage antics and the blitzkrieg they deliver onstage. The fifteen minute mini-documentary, filmed on location in Holland, Scotland, Germany and elsewhere, is clear and professionally filmed. It includes interviews, performance clips and the band’s humorous side, adding insight into who they are as bandmates and friends. According to guitarist Josh Elmore, the doc was made after years of requests from fans for a representation of their tour experience. It’s a bare bones look into their steady career, often touching on the hard work that goes into promoting from the grassroots and thinking outside the box when formulating music both they and their fans can appreciate, which they do with equal conviction. One part of note is of the band paying a visit to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s childhood home in Austria; another is a succinct interview with frontman Travis Ryan who explains the difference between clean vocals and raw vocals. Toward the conclusion Cattle Decapitation discuss future touring and recording plans. Ryan adds their recent success has inspired them to press onward breaking boundaries in extreme metal and questioning the boundaries of what is acceptable aboveground. Worth watching if you’re a longtime listener. -Dave Wolff

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