Thursday, October 5, 2017

Full Length Review: LACRIMOSA Testimonium

Release Date: August 25, 2017
First of all I’d like to thank a friend of mine, Alex Continelli , for introducing me to this band if it wasn’t for him I’d be unaware of the existence of this amazing band. The instrumentation on the 1st track, Wenn unsere Helden sterben, use of strings is quite interesting, a nice opener and the voice is eerie, kind of intense and heartfelt. The fact that it's organized in “acts” is a refreshing thing. In general the album I felt was pleasantly built, with a smooth flow, great lyrics and great instrumentation. My personal favorites of the album were “Wenn unsere Helden Sterben” and “Nach dem Sturm” along “Lass die Nacht nicht über mich fallen” because of the instrumentations and vocals. The fact that the band mixes traditional instruments like violin cello and more modern ones like guitars, synthesizers, drums and others is an important thing to mention as not many do. Another thing worth mentioning is the swift and precise bass lines along the melancholic tone in the whole album. A funny fact is that by moments I remembered Hotel California from The Eagles when listening to Der leise Tod’s instrumentation at the start. -Sophia Cynthia Cabral

Track List:
1. Wenn unsere Helden sterben
2. Nach dem Sturm
3. Zwischen allen Stühlen
4. Weltenbrand
5. Lass die Nacht nicht über mich fallen
6. Herz und Verstand
7. Black Wedding Day
8. My Pain
9. Der leise Tod
10. Testimonium

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