Thursday, October 19, 2017

Video Review: Halloween Attractions at Fantasy Costumes by Dave Wolff

Halloween Attractions at Fantasy Costumes
Yet another new video self-produced by Frank Garcia (Nekropsy, Waking Chaos, Asphyxiator), this one in the spirit of Halloween as he visits the local store Fantasy Costumes for a brief tour. Fantasy Costumes (located on Chicago’s Milwaukee Avenue) is a place of employment Ray Roman, a friend of Garcia’s who has worked there for some time and “knows the place inside and out.” The displays being sold there this year are crafted by local artists who are imaginative and pay attention to detail, and the prices aren’t extravagant either. One display features masks by Zygone Studios that glow in the dark when black light is shone on them. The electric chair prop added to the display they’ve had for many years and is included for show. Another display close by has a prop designed in the likeness of Regan McNeill, portrayed by Linda Blair in The Exorcist. There is an adjacent showroom with wall to wall masks crafted by Zygone and the national company Trick Or Treat Studios. The latter company designs masks of villains from classic horror films such as Mike Myers, Leatherface, Pennywise, Evil Ash from Evil Dead II, the aliens from They Live, a zombie from Dawn Of The Dead, the Crimson Ghost, Blacula and Pinhead. There are masks based in Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie including one released back in 1980. Another showroom features costumes black lights, window and lawn decorations, and even pet costumes based on Freddy Krueger and Beetlejuice. We see a custom prop of Beetlejuice and a full costume of Deadpool worth three figures (one of the only expensive products we’re shown). This is the nicest store I’ve seen since NYC’s Halloween Adventure and I’d recommend stopping by if you’re in Chicago this month. -Dave Wolff

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  1. Thanks for the review brother. I like your attention to detail and can tell you watched the whole thing. I really appreciate the support. Hopefully if you ever travel to Chicago I can show you a few places. Cheers man- I'll share this around