Thursday, October 5, 2017

Single Review: SUNWALTER Fermi Paradox

From their new full length Alien Hazard released on Sliptrick Records September 15, 2017
Upon hearing the term "sci-fi metal" the mind begins to conjure up some strange sonic ideas of just exactly how the archetypal sci-fi metal group should sound. I was thoroughly blown away by SUNWALTER and that's something that seldom occurs in the modern metal industry for me. This group is incontrovertibly genre-twisting, melodic and full of visceral energy. Keyboards in metal are always something I'm fond of and I really feel SUNWALTER have cracked the code regarding how to utilize keys in this genre correctly. They offer a level of enhancement and it just makes the whole spectacle so much more enjoyable. In their song 'Fermi Paradox' from their new album Alien Hazard you've got a mixture of the metal stereotypes and the not so-metal stereotypes. You've got blast-beats, chugging guitars and death growls but one also gets to hear operatic vocal techniques, swirling synthesizer pads and moments of gentle repose. From the beginning to the end this five-minute song is absolutely enchanting and it really makes one eager to hear the full LP. -Jaime Regadas

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