Thursday, October 26, 2017

Single Review: SECURE The Future Like It Supposed to Be

The Future Like It Supposed to Be
One particularly common theme amidst contemporary Alternative / Nu metal groups is the tendency to focus on surrounding circumstances appertaining to the current political climate. SECURE, hailing from Russia, are fairly politically active as far as their lyrical essence stretches. Their new single, 'The Future Like It Supposed to Be' is a mildly tongue-in-cheek, emotionally-driven song regarding the innocence of childhood and how we're all incarcerated in cotton to a degree until we experience enlightenment. The song deals with the process of overcoming blissful ignorance, stepping back and viewing the current state of affairs in its most objective and raw setting. Musically it is a thriving mish-mash of screaming verses, pensive breakdowns and ambient transitions. It's a pop song in many senses of the word though the thought-provoking nature of the track in terms of imagery definitely counteracts pre-determined ideas of pop stylings. The production of the drums in particular impressed me as I appreciated how dynamic, crisp and "full" they sounded. -Jaime Regadas

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  1. It is an amazing reality video that makes me want to cry. Yet, happy for what we have, while we have it, love, while everyone is caught up in the mix with no way out.