Monday, October 2, 2017

Video Review: WAIT HELL IN PAIN Lost In Silence by Deanna Revis

Lost In Silence
Promotional video of the track appearing on their full length Wrong Desire, released on Revalve Records September 22, 2017
This track is from the album Wrong Desire, released September 22, 2017 on Revalve Records. The track starts off strong and brings a powerful message. The song and video for me, are about how so many women are victims of so many types of violence and abuse. The artist is trying to show how the patterns remain the same as long as the victims stay silent, and sometimes even loose themselves. I feel like the artist also wants to show the difference that is made when the victims decide to rise up and stop being silent, to stop being victims.Wait In Hell Pain was born in Italy in 2011 when Kate Sale met Stefano Prejano. The pair had shared ideas and interests for starting a hard rock/heavy metal band. Kate Sale-vocals, Stefano Prejano-all guitars, Alfanso Pascarrela-bass, Marco Novello-keyboards, and Stefano Rossi-drums. -Deanna Revis

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