Sunday, October 15, 2017

Video Review: SUMMONER'S CIRCLE Become None by Jaime Regadas

Become None
From their upcoming full-length Tome
Video shot and edited by Thomas Mortveit.
Produced by Yanic Bercier at Wavetransform Studios.
Starring: Summoner's Circle, Morgan Brooke McCarty, Summer Salmon, Larry Bainum, Charles Dyson, Travis Bainum, and Brant Chastain.
Doom-metal; a genre frequently criticized for its repetitiveness and over-reliance upon sludge-driven riffs has potentially managed to redeem itself in the wake of a ten minute concept video epic by SUMMONER'S CIRCLE. The song is titled 'Become None' and it is probably one of the most captivating metal songs I've heard in a while. If repetition is what gravitates one away from listening to doom-metal then I'd strong suggest reevaluating. This track is a whirlwind rollercoaster of ever-changing riffs, atmospheres, moods and time signatures. For the first two minutes the song is a brooding instrumental until bursting into cacophonous rage at the first utterance of words, meanwhile the video depicts a young woman in a library of sorts, enchanted by the presence of what appear to be Satanic-esque verses. Upon reading the book thoroughly she starts to get followed by Ghouls, some of whom are masked and some of whom are upholstered in elaborate theatre makeup. The chorus kicks in at the fourth minute and you hear the first real 'climax' of the piece. Guitar solos reign throughout the ordeal while swirling Hammond organs permeate the vanguard. The Ghouls depicted in the video begin to make more of a prominent statement with their presence as the music shifts to a 9/8 setting. Upon this daunting time signature you get the first real glance of daunting imagery as the protagonist begins to experience a level of demonic possession as she removes all the attire she's wearing and is then immediately gruesomely murdered by one of the Ghouls. The epic drama suite of keyboard-laden doom ends with a striking image of the young woman paralyzed in stagnation in funeral attire whilst in the presence of a dimly-lit chamber. -Jaime Regadas

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