Thursday, October 26, 2017

Video Review: AFTERMATH Opiate Of The Masses (Live) by Dave Wolff

Opiate Of The Masses (Live)
Recorded Live on September 20 2017
Playing with Sacred Reich at Reggies, Chicago, Illinois USA
From their upcoming full length There Is Something Wrong (Zoid Entertainment)
Still more blistering music from the thrash era yet to be discovered, or rediscovered as the case may be. Aftermath from Chicago was active since 1985, a year before Metallica toured with Ozzy and thrash metal was first recognized by MTV and Hit Parader magazine. People mostly considered it an underground trend that would fade away in a few years, but the crossover between thrash and hardcore was in its infancy and renewing its energy for punks, skins and rivetheads in the US and abroad. Aftermath’s newest live video, Opiate Of The Masses, reflects that period when bands could inspire kids to enter the pit before the initial song of their set concluded. As with other bands I’ve reviewed, I’m hearing of Aftermath only recently, after several demos released from 1985 to 1994, their first full length Eyes Of Tomorrow from 1994, their reformation as Mother God Moviestar in 1996, and the rebirth of Aftermath in 2014. Their releases have been few and far between from 2010 to the present, but this new composition they previewed in their hometown last September shows their collective foot in the door as they prepare to unleash There Is Something Wrong. Twenty years of experience has made them determined for There Is Something Wrong to be heard and appreciated by today’s generation of metal fans. This can be clearly perceived as they direct vitality through this song with such magnitude you would think they were still in their twenties. The clubgoers in front of the stage seemed to recognize their aggressiveness as they greeted the band with vociferous exuberance the instant they concluded the piece. All through it I heard the band’s belief in their new material with the heart I remember from the bands of yesteryear. More so their musicianship has tightened honed their youthful vigor, giving them the validity they would need to grow on domestic and overseas audiences. Opiate Of The Masses proves how much There Is Something Wrong will be in demand once it’s released. -Dave Wolff

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