Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Film Review: Holidays by Sophia Cynthia Cabral

Release date: April 14, 2016
Companies involved: ArtCastle, Destroy All Entertainment (segment "Christmas"), Destroy All Entertainment (segment "New Years"), Distant Corners Entertainment Group Inc., Lodger Films (segment "New Years"), Revek Entertainment (segment "Christmas"), XYZ Films
Anthony Scott Burns (segment "Father's Day"), Kevin Kolsch (segment "Valentine's Day") Nicholas McCarthy (segment "Easter"), Adam Egypt Mortimer (segment "New Year's Eve"), Ellen Reid (segment "Mother's Day"), Gary Shore (segment "St. Patrick's Day"), Kevin Smith (segment "Halloween"), Sarah Adina Smith (segment "Mother's Day"), Scott Stewart (segment "Christmas"), Dennis Widmyer (segment "Valentine's Day")
(Valentine's Day), Madeleine Coghlan, Savannah Kennick, Rick Peters, Britain Simons
(St. Patrick's Day) Ruth Bradley, Peter Campion, Isolt McCaffrey
(Easter) Ava Acres, Petra Wright, Mark Steger
(Mother's Day), Sophie Traub, Aleksa Palladino, Sheila Vand, Jennifer Lafleur, Sonja Kinski
(Father's Day) Jocelin Donahue, Michael Gross, Jana Karan
(Halloween) Ashley Greene, Olivia Roush, Harley Quinn Smith, Harley Morenstein, Shelby Kemper
(Christmas) Seth Green, Clare Grant, Kalos Cluff, John C. Johnson, Shawn Parsons, Michael Sun Lee, Wes Robertson, Karina Noelle, Scott Stewart, Richard DiLorenzo
(New Year's Eve) Lorenza Izzo, Andrew Bowen, Megan Duffy
Plot: A collection of the most beloved tales with a lovely spin of darkness.
Review: Alright this one is quite interesting. The story is organized by “segments” or what could be defined as “short stories grouped together under a single theme”. The acting in general is good especially in the Valentine’s one however it falls short on some spots. Sometimes the scene gets too dark My favorite is the Valentines’ Day segment. Kids can be cruel we all know it, it’s not how it should be, but it happens. We all had that crush on the teacher and we all had troubles at school at point or another so that’ a good way to relate to the viewer. The build-up was interesting, the typical situation of being bullied pushes someone over the edge and they decide enough is enough, in a wicked way. All in all it’s an interesting take on each story with the right amount of twist, not too dark but dark enough to spook coupled to a great acting and impressive effects. -Sophia Cynthia Cabral

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