Friday, October 20, 2017

Full Length Review: CIGARETTES AFTER SEX Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex
Release Date: June 9, 2017
It’s a charming album from start, the voice is soothing and the instrumentation in general is smooth, relaxing and lovable from the very first seconds.
K: It’s a bit of an ethereal-ish sound to open, with smooth flowing instrumentation –mostly the drum/bass/guitar and a synth- it’s a bit of a blend that makes one all fuzzy and warm inside. Voice is remarkably relaxing and the lyrics for this track are quite interesting.
Each Time You Fall In Love: The bass is heart-felt, opening up, that immediately got me interested along the synth. Felt the track has an ethereal-ish style again, with a certainly interesting vibe. The lyrics are easy-flowing; felt the song itself is just put together masterfully, especially the drums.
Sunsetz: From start this song made me felt like I was falling after an epic battle with the guitar, then the bass kicked in with a soft yet precise line and drums. The lyrics made me think of lovers that got split due to some major cause, distance perhaps, the song could easily be hummed to so it’s a plus in my book, also my second favorite.
Apocalypse: The bass made me felt energetic; the precise drum made me felt the song was solid along the soothing voice. It’s a charming easy-to-listen to piece.
Flash: The synth and drum combo made me shiver; this is by far my favorite and the best intro of this album in my opinion. The flow of the song in general is smooth, makes me crave to listen to it in repeat over and over from the start. The lyrics are interesting and smooth-flowing but I felt there was some darkness in a subtle way.
Sweet: While I liked the intro after listening to Flash it was a big leap musically style speaking, still a delightful piece, it’s an easy-to-listen song but wouldn’t listen to it too much least it loses the magic
Opera House: The opening made me felt in a space ship; certainly didn’t see it coming. The slow beat coupled to the synth is a marvelous combo; felt it put together the piece really. Lyrics felt quite heart-felt, kind of made me think of those games where you are presented to the main character and them hear their tragic story or maybe the epilogue of the growing adventure, honestly I can’t tell either way, this is my third favorite track.
Truly: Made me feel it was a silly lovey song in that high-school crush type of way. Altho I liked the Truly (Again) version, felt more connected to it for some reason…
John Wayne: The opening made me shiver. The fact the lyrics speak of heartbreak kind of make me relate; we all have that one we knew better than to approach and date yet we did anyway.
Young & Dumb: Made me laugh at the lyrics, in a good way, since it starts in a joking way, the drum and voice was different from the other tracks in my opinion, this one was a bit more melancholic.
Flew so smooth I almost missed the fact it was almost over. -Sophia Cynthia Cabral

Track List:
1. K
2. Each Time You Fall In Love
3. Sunsetz
4. Apocalypse
5. Flash
6. Sweet
7. Opera House
8. Truly
9. John Wayne
10. Young & Dumb

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