Friday, September 29, 2017

CD Review: DEMON HUNTER Outlive

Powerful drums, great vocals and impressive guitar along quite interesting lyrics that I feel flow smoothly seem to be solid and doesn’t feel repetitive.
My favorite tracks will be explained below and also why I picked them.
“Died In My Sleep” since it reminds me of classical music in a part with a guitar, “Half As Dead” for the awesome lead guitar, loved the intro on “Cold Blood” even if the singer screams/growls a bit on that one at first as much as that whole song.
“One Step Behind” was also an interesting song, I liked it very much because the singing felt more natural and the instrumentation (more specifically the lead guitar) along the lyrics were quite like a puzzle with all pieces together.
“The End” one song that starts with tons of energy personally I love that one for the general energetic vibe of it.
“Patience” piano intro on this one evokes nostalgia, melancholy and then a blast of energy it just combines really well with the more rock-side that comes after
“Slight The Odds” another classical-ish intro, this time with strings and then powerful heart-felt vocals and a masterful classical ending to “close the book” that is the album.
All in all, is an album I highly recommend to anyone that enjoys metal. -Sophia Cynthia Cabral

Track List:
1. Trying Times
2. Jesus Wept
3. Cold Winter Sun
4. Died In My Sleep
5. Half As Dead
6. Cold Blood
7. One Step Behind
8. Raining Down
9. The End
10. One Less
11. Patience
12. Slight The Odds

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