Friday, September 29, 2017

Lyric Video Review: LOSTAIR The Bible Code by Jaime Regadas

The Bible Code
Track from their forthcoming full length Ad Jubilaeum to be released October 20 (Revalve Records)
Hailing from Italy, Lostair's brand of metal is a unique one at that. Their single 'The Bible Code' is taken from their upcoming album 'Ad Jubilaeum' which is set for release on 20 October 2017. The song is three-minutes in length and features traditional heavy metal stylings in the nature of the guitar riffs. Lyrically it is a tad frivolous as a stand-alone piece but it is purported to be part of a larger concept dealing with the power and oppression of the Christian church. They're an accessible and easy-listening group and they're definitely on the lighter end of the metal spectrum but I think this is something that will get a lot of heads bopping, even if it isn't musically or thematically astonishing. One looks forward to hearing more because they're good at combining accessible songwriting with aesthetic connotations of the macabre, a touch similar to MERCYFUL FATE / KING DIAMOND, SATAN, HELL, IRON MAIDEN and DEMON. They're a solid working unit by the sounds of it and it will be interesting to see where they manage to take their craft over the next few months. -Jaime Regadas

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