Sunday, September 3, 2017

Poem: 'Rage' by Elena Karis


I used to be somebody
Long before this disability
Took my legs
And the medication took my mind
Nine years of college to fulfill my dream
Of taking care of others
Using natural ways
Now I’m a nobody
Sitting in this wheelchair
Day in and day out
Held onto a strong belief so others
Couldn’t say I blame the world for
What happened
Now I’m the worst piece of shit on the planet
So bad no one treats me with any dignity
No respect
I’m not even worthy of being loved
Truth be told-
It really isn’t me
Truth be told-
It’s YOU- it’s ALL of YOU
With your relentless spouting
Of heartless and immoral and
I don’t give a fuck attitudes and
Constant whining and taking great offense
Over every little thing
That people like me don’t deserve to live
That people like me don’t deserve to eat
Or have health care

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