Sunday, September 3, 2017

Poem: 'A poem in the night' by Jillanna Babb

A poem in the night
She flickers and wanes. Flickers and wanes. She flickers and disappears. You want to see her burn and burn and burn. She flickers and she is gone. You look for her, drunken poet. You ride the poetry until there is silence in the night. You rushed where you should have known her. You devoured the light before you could see her. She burns and she burns but you could not see her. She feels alone but she could not see her. She should have held back but she rushed to meet you. She smothers in the ashes of desperate emotion. You know her. Know her! Only you can see her. She needs you or she will not need you. You see only your own eyes in her face. You are the fire on the wave.

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