Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Single Review: GWAR El Presidente

El Presidente
From their upcoming full length The Blood Of Gods out on Metal Blade October 20
This single from The Blood of Gods is nothing less than what we come to expect from the powerhouse known as GWAR. Once again we get the loud, hardwired, in your face metal we love. They say what we all think and, feel and they are definitely not afraid to do it. This song is the same words a large majority of all of us, what we think and how we feel. The Berserker Blothar- lead howler, Beefcake the Mighty- bass guitar,vocals, Pustulus the Maximus- lead guitar, vocals, Balsac the Jaws 'o Death- rhythm guitar,vocals, JizMak da Gusha- drums, Bonesnapper- bodyguard, crappy vocals, Sawborg Destructo- annoying nemisis, annoying vocals. The Blood of Gods is the first album released by GWAR since the passing of former frontman Oderus Urungus in 2014. And I am sure he is smiling upon them with pride for this badass masterpiece. -Deanna Revis

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