Monday, September 18, 2017

Film Review: Dark Song by Roberta J. Downing

Drama, Horror
Release date: April 2016
Directed and Written by: Liam Gavin
Produced by: Rory Gilmartin, Eoin O’Faolain, Hannah Thomas, Kimberly Warner
Starring: Mark Huberman, Susan Loughnane, Steve Oram
A young lady and a broken occult practitioner put everything on the line including their souls to do a ritual that will give them whatever they desire. Based on a real ritual that Alistair Crowley did at Loch Ness he called The Dark Song.
I didn’t find the film particularly scary although it did have a little suspense scattered here and there. The film mostly focuses on the relationship of Sophia who isn’t handling the grief very well and Solomon who is suffering from the DTs from lack of alcohol consumption.
Mr. Solomon suspects that Sophia is not being totally honest with him about her son and gives the impression that the murder was maybe not as it seemed. Sophia seems to not care for Solomon at all as he comes off as brash, bullying and quite abusive as we see him time and again degrade her in ways even she didn’t think were possible.
The ritual is quite intense with drinking human blood, water torture, sex and that’s just the middle of it. Of course we have the white chalk with symbols on the floor, magical books, lots of bubbly potions going on so it does give us a much better view on Crowley and perhaps what his real intentions were when he created the spell. -Roberta J. Downing

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