Sunday, September 3, 2017

Poem: 'The Burning' by Heather Dawson

The Burning
by Heather Dawson

only silence in my head
( For once )
You question - point blank
No response

Or Formulation of words

Any answer would be
many sided ... puzzled

Not the singular word you want


And I can't understand
Why you can't understand

My trepidation
My fence walking
My balance beam tip toed steps

Protect me

There's lava around me feet
Lapping at my knees
Singeing my hollowed out soles

Protect me

You are the raging fire
blistering all in your wake

Forever forward in search
of fresh ground to level to ash

Protect me

I can't out run your flame ...
I can't quell your heat ...
I can't avoid your path

frozen I stand ..
Eyes clenched shut
to survive the burning

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