Monday, September 18, 2017

CD Review: PERIHELION Örvény

To be released November 10, 2017
An oneiric voyage through the galaxy is an apposite description for the dazed tones of PERIHELION'S third studio album, titled 'Örvény', which is set to be released on 10 November 2017 via Lyon-based record label Apathia Records. Their unique conglomeration of wistful cosmic psychedelia and aggressive post-rock is akin to one's pleasant voyage through space being interrupted momentarily by an asteroid strike. Which would of course come as a surprise though it doesn't take long until the initial impact of the collision is cushioned by the serenity of the traveller's later experiences. This, although obscure, is the only way I can figuratively describe the sound they express. It is soft and atmospheric, rarely "metal" by the standards the genre sets. It is in fact more inspired by a conceptual theme which gives the seven tracks a conjoined aspect. All of the lyrics are in Hungarian though critics shouldn't be put off by this; once you begin listening to it you become entranced into a hypnotizing haze and become a shimmer of rotting energy, a gradual form of decay as the fading light flickers in one's stream of consciousness. It begins with 'Kihalt égi Folyosók', which is probably one of the heavier numbers. You've got emphatic snare 'n drum interplay the permeating substance held through the ordeal are raindrops upon raindrops of ambient guitar swells, cushioning the congealed material underneath until you realize it's the equivalent of shrouding a stone with a blanket. 'Bolyongó' is more "dynamic" in comparison due to its more intricate percussion. It's a rock song but it's around this point that you begin to realize you gradually sink into a pit of tranquility and the rock music stylizations become less pronounced. 'Fényt!' is probably the one I enjoyed the most. It has an intro that is a little too long for my liking but it quickly finds its soul in the form of good chord progressions. The title track is long and sprawling yet it does evoke interesting thoughts. For me they're a group that rely more on atmosphere than anything else; - and admittedly I'm not the biggest lover of that. A lot of it does feel like "jam sessions" and it can feel meandering but I like that there's a strong resilience in the group's desire to play the way they wish to. 'Romokon' is nice enough but doesn't truly interest me from a structural point of view. 'Ébredő Táj' is a better track for me personally because there's a lot more highs-and-lows in the dynamics and versatility. I think they're a group that are kind of on the fence between being a 'rock' band and an 'ambient' group. I feel in many ways they're too ambient for a rock fanbase and too "rocky" for an ambient fanbase. Perhaps it is the intention of the group to combine the sonic qualities of both but you don't get an awful lot to work with. It is important to give them a listen though because they ARE diverse and I can imagine one's opinion will differ from the next. -Jaime Regadas

Track list:
1. Kihalt égi Folyosók
2. Bolyongó
3. Fényt!
4. Örvény
5. Romokon
6. Ébredő Táj
7. Bardó

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