Sunday, September 3, 2017

Poem: 'A Gift A Curse my return to the Earth' by Skitz J. Fitch

A Gift A Curse my return to the Earth
by Skitz J. Fitch

Languish comes with age an era I fail to understand for millennium I have ruled surviving on the Blood of man.
Hiding in the shadows stalking in the dead of night finding ecstasy in the life I take so that I may sustain mine.
Eyes of the demon a mere reflection of the man I used to be if they though me a monster in life in death it was truly set free.
No boundaries for the dead all mortal feats done without an ounce of strength everything in the beginning was a joy but the loneliness of this gift I can not take.
Creating children of the dark but only despair they make me feel no connection no love between us solitary monsters that can never truly feel.
Minds closed to me although there mine and yet they company did not bring me joy I can no longer take the sight of there pale faces, yet I can not bring myself to Destroy them.
So we part ways and time passes I no longer can sustain so into the Earth I shall go and possibly remain.

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