Sunday, September 3, 2017

Poem: 'Split' by Coralie Rowe


Fingernails of bloodied red
She holds up to her aching head
Tears of rage upon her face
Sights seen, which won't erase
Coldness seeps into her bones
For guilty sins her heart atones
Taking pleasure in other ways
Letting her darkness out for plays
An eternal fight with what's within
Guilty pleasures and immoral sin
She achingly will feel your pain
She lovingly will watch blood drain
Taking your flesh a strip at a time
Atrocities of her killing crime
Slightly warped her way of love
She watches afar, from way above
Parts of her don't wish to see
The dark side, of her split personality
Taking over and having her way
Yet disappearing at the end of the day
Once the bloodlust has been sated
The good returns, but she's dislocated
Left to deal with the aftermath
Her evilness stalks another path
Awaiting in the hidden mind
Awaiting the next man to find

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