Monday, September 4, 2017

Fiction: ASSLOAD.COM by Devin Joseph Meaney

Fiction by Devin Joseph Meaney

It was a blistering hot day in the middle of July and Sammy was just finishing up a phenomenal game of baseball. The team Sammy was on lost, but he still had an excessive amount of fun. The girlfriends of the other players always came to watch, but as Sammy was single, nobody ever came to watch him play. This did not bother him, as the single life was always kind to Sammy. He picked up his glove and bat and started packing up for his journey home.
He was just about to leave when he saw a new face in the crowd. It was a young woman with long blonde hair. Sammy thought this girl was one of the most beautiful creatures that he had ever laid his eyes upon, so without a second of hesitation, he started walking in her direction so he could introduce himself. When he got close enough, he extended his hand in introduction. The girl said her name was Amy, and she was new to the area.
After a long conversation, the pair hit it off quite well. Sammy asked for her number. Amy took a pen from her purse and started to write what he thought was a number on his hand. After giving Sam a seductive smile, she strolled off down the road without uttering a single word. Her eyes did the talking, though. Sammy knew that he had scored. The day of baseball was fun, but he wanted to make his night even more memorable.
When he got home, he looked at his hand. It was not a number on his hand, it was a web address. ASSLOAD.COM was the name of the page. This sparked his attention, so he rushed upstairs to log on to his computer. When he searched the page, he realized that it was the address for a pornographic website. It was one of those sites where desperate men paid women to take off their clothes for money.
Sammy snorted with laughter. Never in his life had he paid for ''sexual intervention,” but he decided that he would log on anyway. Amy was the first girl on the homepage and she was just about ready to start her show. Sammy was not going to pay, but he decided to load the chat and see where it would take him. After about a half hour of chatting, Amy started to take off her clothes. Just as things were starting to get good, Amy wrote an address on her hand, flashed it to Sammy, then she logged off from the website promptly.
Sam had just enough time to write the street address down on a post-it note. He wanted to get laid tonight, so he grabbed a quick shower, got dressed and hopped into his car for the journey across town. When he got there, he threw a piece of gum in his mouth. He did not want his breath to smell bad, that could be the end of his entire night. Sammy walked up to the door and rang the bell with confidence. Sammy was never shy, so meeting a girl at her place for the first time was never a hassle for him.
Amy answered the door wearing nothing but red silk lingerie and a pair of bunny slippers. Sammy was deeply turned on, and within minutes, they were making out on the couch in her living room. One thing lead to another and the pair ended up in the bedroom. As Amy was pulling off her lingerie, Sam unzipped his fly and waited for her to make a move with painful anticipation.
Just then, Amy's eyes turned a bright yellow. Her pupils formed a slit like that of a snake, and she laughed in a way that Sammy had never heard before. Fangs protruded from her luscious lips, and she sank them into Sammy's neck with tender vigor. Sammy let out a yelp, but to tell you the truth, he kind of liked it. She climbed on top of him and worked her magic. This was the first time that they had intercourse, but it for sure would not be the last. Sammy was hooked.
Amy was a succubus. She moved from town to town, seducing men to feed her sexual and narcissistic desires. Sammy knew he was being used, but he did not mind. He was a bit of a man-whore himself, so he wanted nothing more than sex anyway. Within weeks, he was even helping her seduce other men. Her thirst for physical love could not be satiated. Sammy moved in with Amy. He sold his soul for a piece of tail, but who needs a soul anyway when you can have an ass like that? Day in and day out they made lust. Sammy was infatuated with a demon of temptation, and all she ever wanted was his seed. She needed to reproduce to fill the world with more of her kind. Her love was hollow, but it was worth it.
Nine months later, another demoness was born. Sammy fell in love with his daughter at first glance. He knew what she was, but he did not care. This was his child. This was his love.
The cycle repeats. After the baby was born, Amy moved out and Sammy never saw her again. He was left to take care of the child on his own. You could never expect a succubus to take care of a child, they were like insects in that way. They laid their eggs and left. Simple as that.
When his daughter grew up, she was just like her mother. A blood thirsty heathen with a taste for desire. Nothing would stop the cycle. Like a hamster running in a wheel, the present was no different than the past. The future would be no different, either. There would be no end.
Next time you log onto a pornographic website and want nothing more than a casual hookup, remember this:
Unless you want to father a monster, keep your fly zipped tight.


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