Sunday, September 3, 2017

Poem: 'Leave Me Be' by Laura Petellat

Leave Me Be
by Laura Petellat

Talk to you and say what?
Does it matter?
Words..words.. and more words..
They are only words.
Words you don't believe.
Words you pretend not to hear.
Clearly I am toxic to you
Or so you've been told.

I have no defense.
Attacks are distant and unseen.
Words are thrown like grenades.
Lies carpet bombing those I love.
Exploding in the ears of strangers.
What's worse?
They are believed.
Believed without a word to ME.

So far from truth,
these words like athame
ripping me in two unseen, but heard.
How to save myself
Save me form this nether
Save me from these attacks

No answer comes
No cover from the dark.
Another assault
Another attack
I am alone.
Belittled, bullied, and besmirched
For the sake of undeserved pride.

The lies of a sychophant
poured on paper like molasse
Devoured again and again
By those who should know better.
What delicious ambrosia
This gossip makes
Feed the fools
They seem to be starving.

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