Friday, September 29, 2017

Film Review: Tusk by Sophia Cynthia Cabral

Comedy, Drama, Horror
Release date: September 6, 2014
Company: SModcast Pictures
Director: Kevin Smith
Starring: Justin Long, Michael Parks, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez, Johnny Depp
Plot: When podcaster Wallace Bryton travels to Canada to interview someone, he winds up meeting a strange man named Howard Howe who has many stories to tell about his past life during his interview. Wallace wakes up the next day finding out Howe isn't the person he thought he was.
Review: Sometimes cruelty has a funny way to come bite people’s ass when they least expect it and I believe that karma has its very own way, mostly ironic sometimes, to prove that.
The movie starts slow, a bit too slow for my taste.
The acting is decent to an extent, the fact that you can relate to the characters now and then is a good sign.
However, sometimes the movie falls short and loses focus. I felt the story was a bit over-extended with too much yapping and some-if not all-of the jokes really weren’t funny, for example, the scene of the airport which honestly didn’t make me laugh at all, more like go meh actually.
The character development is decent enough to keep you interested for a few but even then it feels not enough at times.
The music is one of the only things I can consider really fitting for the scene-setting the other being Mr. Howe’s story-telling of how we met Ernest Hemingway and other tales he shared with Wallace.
One of my favorite scenes was what I call “Walrus Noises Contest”; even if it was brief it’s kind of memorable to an extent; the other being the revelation on Wallace’s new form.
Johnny Depp's character Guy Lapointe was the one I disliked the most between his broken English and the fact he’s really too odd.
Honestly, I got a mixed feeling regarding the movie. I wouldn’t say it’s awful but it is a bit too twisted at times. -Sophia Cynthia Cabral

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