Friday, September 8, 2017

Single Review: PÁRODOS Space Omega

Space Omega
From their debut full length Catharsis to be released October 27 on Inverse Records
Yet another exciting prospect has emerged from Inverse Records; - they're called Párodos and they have managed to create an interesting first impression with the release of' ‘Space Omega', taken from their debut LP 'Catharsis' which is to be released the 27th of October. Due to the nature of the artwork and the themes within the music they may experience regular pigeonholing within the extreme-metal category, - although I'm not entirely sure if that's one-hundred percent the case on the basis of this seven-minute track. The only real extreme-metal quality is in the vocals, which aren't always ferocious or loud but have a tendency to delve into tuneful territory. It's a fairly stagnant song when you strip it to its bare-roots yet it contemporaneously evolves from one form of instrumentation to the next. They're a group that rely heavily on creating atmospheres with pervasive string pads which spread across the surface of the track like a cascading sheet upon one's bed. Somewhere towards the third minute the group decide to abandon the exclusively electric instrumentation and the grand piano takes centre-stage eventually accompanied by clean bass. It kind of loses its initial excitement thereon, - or at least it does for me personally. The ending is rather nice when it builds to an epic climax with the instrumentation stacked at the vanguard of one's focus. While the song is at times a little bit one-dimensional and a tad languid I think that's the concept they wanted to project. It's a promising release and a very quaint little space-opera but it definitely leaves one wanting to hear more. -Jaime Regadas

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