Sunday, September 24, 2017

Single Review: THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER Matriarch

From their new full length Nightbringers to be released on Metal Blade October 6
Detroit, Michigan’s own The Black Dahlia Murder, named after the 1947 unsolved murder of Hollywood waitress Elizabeth Short, have gained unforeseen popularity since their debut full length Unhallowed was released in 2003. Like Cannibal Corpse, they have fans in their camp who assert their inability to release a disappointing album. Nightbringers is their latest effort which is due to come out next month, and things are reportedly shaping up in anticipation. Pre-orders for the album are being said to have sold the highest number of copies in the history of Metal Blade records. It appears the label has worked particularly hard to push the band, and from that alone those efforts are beginning to pay off. The band is likewise channeling huge amounts of energy to promote Matriarch before its release on several social media and streaming sites. There has also been web activity including an interview with vocalist Trevor Strnad on Metal Sucks where he demonstrates his vocal technique. This is a comedic interview and not exactly intended to teach vocalists about the discipline of extreme metal vocals like other instructors, but it’s good for levity if your day hasn’t gone well. Matriarch is the second preview from Nightbringers; the first was a promotional video for the title track released last August. That video was filmed at a show the band had recently played and demonstrated the tight heavy groove they perfected through the 2000s and 2010s. The lighting the video captured from that show was fitting for the lyrics that assailed the misuse of religion as a ‘convert through fear’ mechanism. The lyrics of Matriarch is a graphic description of a serial killer and the fate of his pregnant girlfriend. This is delivered in full on slasher film mode, utterly intended to shock and horrify. The less hardened listener will have to keep reminding themselves it’s only a song but if you’re attuned to gory lyrics this song is ideal for entertainment value. The breakneck pace, blast beats, time changes, meticulous guitars and lead solos sound of the natural progression the band is said to develop by. The musicianship continues to reach new heights and sounds close to impossible to play, but there is no evidence of the band attempting to showboat their abilities or become too grandiloquent in their accomplishments. Metal Blade pre-orders are available in several vinyl and CD formats you can choose from. October sees the band touring to promote Nightbringers with guests Suffocation, Decrepit Birth, Necrot, and Wormwitch. -Dave Wolff

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