Saturday, September 9, 2017

Single Review: CLOCKWORK ASYLUM Neighbors

From their upcoming EP Eve Of The Eclipse
Clockwork Asylum hail from the Tennessee southern groove metal scene, which in the 2010s has given rise to Crome Molly, Belfast 6 Pack, Shallowpoint and a host of others. You can read about several of them in this blog as I have tirelessly covered that scene since the start of the decade. The Chattanooga Bands website has loads of information if you’re interested in looking it over and listening to their radio webcast. There is also the official website for Twisted Hillbilly magazine to refer to and learn more about other happenings in the music industry there. Like any scene Tennessee has had its share of infighting and drama, but as this band indicates on their new single it continues to solidify and grow stronger. Their name reminded me of Anthony Burgess’ classic novel A Clockwork Orange in which small street gangs menace the city after dark; Clockwork Asylum and other Tennessee acts similarly menace their home city through their music. An advance track from Eye Of The Eclipse, Neighbors was released on Reverbnation in early September and promises a satisfying experience when the EP comes out. In an unprecedented move the single’s release happened after the band asked fans on Facebook if they wanted to hear it. The response was such that Neighbors was uploaded for free streaming. The musicianship and recording quality makes you wonder why there is still no coverage in national magazines, but again I won’t be surprised when this changes. The free-spirited dedication of the scene can be summed up in the song’s opening riff. Smooth and sullen, the track is built on this progression and the malevolent energy it implies. The guitars in this song are seemingly played with some flanger effects, with rumbling bass and precise drumming supporting the strength of the progressions. The lead vocals are melodic and threatening, thoroughly fitting the musicianship. This track undeniably makes me want to hear more from the EP. As an added bonus Clockwork Asylum stream a cover of the Beatles’ Come Together. If a band can make a classic rock song recorded at the end of the psychedelic era sound scowling and ill-boding with grit and evil conviction, Clockwork Asylum is it. -Dave Wolff

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