Saturday, September 2, 2017

Film Review: The Addiction by Sophia Cynthia Cabral

Release Date: March 31, 1995
Companies: Fast films, Guild & October Films
Directed by: Abel Ferrara
Music by: Joe Delia
Starring: Lili Tailor, Christopher Walken, Annabella Sciorra, Edie Falco, Paul Caldaron, Fredro Starr, Kathryn Erbe, Michael Imperioli, Jamal Simmons
First and foremost one of the most beautiful things about this old-school film is the fact that it’s entirely on a black & white palette, quite fitting as the music in my opinion.
The story is about a young philosophy student named Kathleen. She meets a woman named Casanova who is a vampire, after that meeting, Kathleen’s fate will forever change.
The acting is somewhat decent, the bandage’s temporal removal to show the wound doesn’t really convey the pain or Casanova’s turning scene isn’t precisely the best in my opinion, never before have I seen a vampire giving the prey an “opportunity” to escape nor be left alone, which seems a tad unrealistic as vampires don’t really waste time; when feeding they just do it.
The portrait of the gradual vampirism is credible and the descent from a “regular” moral person (Kathleen) into a slow spiral of losing parts of herself in a way it’s a fascinating point. -Sophia Cynthia Cabral

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