Sunday, September 3, 2017

Poem: 'Shadow Fall' by Jerry Langdon

Shadow Fall
by Jerry Langdon

The hangman built the gallows
Under the glare of sentient sun.
The vultures casting shadows,
Waiting for the deed to be done.
Is there no grace
In this desolate place?

The shadows fall for miles,
Stretching their darkness; vast.
Cleansed of smiles
In sorrow cast.
Oh, Honey I'm in fear of life,
Buried into me like a knife.

Bereft of happiness;
All I wanted to be.
Lost its shine in this mess.
Smiles torn from me.
From life refracted,
From heart extracted.

The henchmen are coming.
They will capture me.
My heart is numbing.
The noose swings free.
I bid farewell to thee.
I only wanted to be happy.

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